Benefits Of A Quick Removable Battery E-Scooter

If you've ever owned an electric scooter, then you already know that waiting for it to charge or having it die when you really want to ride it is the worst feeling ever!

The SmartKick X-Series products are designed with quick removable batteries, but why? Here are the Top 3 Reasons why our e-scooter with Quick Removable Batteries is the best for commuters.


SmartKick e-scooter quick removable battery

1. Unlimited Range

How far would you like to go? There is no limit on how many batteries you can get, and thus, no limit on how far you can go! Some days your journey may require only one battery, if you have two you can instantly go twice the range!


2. Charge Batteries Separately

Without having to take your escooter and have the entire thing plugged in you can charge your batteries while not in use. This also means that you could leave a battery at work charging overnight. With this cycle, even if your distance is long you can ride to work, switch your batteries out for fully charged ones and plug in the other. Then ride home and charge over night. You never have to worry about running out of juice.


3. Quick Means Quick

The design of the scooter allows you to remove and replace the battery in the chamber in under 10 seconds. SmartKick even created carrying bags. This is ideal of commuters and those on-the-go with no time to waste!

SmartKick e-scooter battery bag