Smartkick H2 14" 250W Compact Foldable Electric Bike

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Meet the new H2 Electric Bike!

Presenting you the Smartkick's latest 'H-Series' Electric Bike. 

Meet the new classy H2 Electric Bike. Designed to commute in style with the ease of the electric assistance. The H2 electric bike is a compact and lightweight commuter bike. Perfect for urban commuting: short trips, shopping and daily use. You can either pedal and use the electric power for assistance, or use only the electric and relax! 

Speed and Range - Three Riding Modes

The top speed of H2 electric bike is ~25 km/h (15.5 mph). With a powerful 250W brushless motor and a 7.8AH removable battery that can travel up to ~15-25 km (9-15.5 miles) pure electric range, and ~20-35 km (12-21.7 miles) by power assistance. You can get pedal assistance from the electric wheel motor or you can be propelled by that powerful motor, without any pedalling. No longer will you face problems like headwinds, steep hills and fatigue on your ride. 

It has three riding modes.

Manpower Mode: No power, man pedal riding, zero battery consumption, physical fitness.

Power Asssitant Mode: Switch on the power, step on the pedal and automatically trigger the motor power

Electric Mode: Turn on the power, rotate the accelerator, full speed driving 

Abrasion Proof Tire

The 14 inch integrated skid tires are suitable for all kind of road surface. The inner and outer pneumatic tires on the motor absorb vibration. Comfortable and safe for riders who are looking to do most of their riding on paved streets as it features slick tires.

Adjustable Seat

It features an adjustable seat, allows you to easily adjust the height for comfortable driving. Seat also has a pneumatic bar to absorb shock. Riding is smoother, efficient shock absorption.

Triple Brake System

It has Double Grip Brake and Front and rear wheel disc brakes. The E-ABS efficient braking, quickly responding brakes ensures the riding safety.

Safety Light

This electric bike has super bright LED headlight and rear reflector for safe riding in the dark. 

Fast Folding Portable Design

The H2 ebike is your ultimate daily commuter and has all the features you need in a compact e-bike. With 51 lbs weight, compact size, H2 Bike could be your perfect travel partner in city. With pole folding buckle design and Aluminum Alloy Frame, the rider can easily store or transport the ebike in smaller living spaces like it can easily go in and out of elevator or you can easily put it in the car's trunk. 

Climbing Grade

With a compact size, 14 inch tire and powerful 250W brushless motor which generates high torque, the handling steep 15 Degree incline hills are no problem.

Smart LED Display

The smart LED meter shows your current driving speed, speed mode, riding mileage and battery levels for your convenience. It has three speed modes.

It has double disc braking system, E-ABS anto-lock brake that ensures the safety of cycling.

Removable Battery

The H2 ebike has a removable battery design. The 7.8 Ah lasts around 35 km with Pedal assisted mode. Conveniently recharge the battery on the frame or off the frame by simply removing it in seconds.

Equipped with plenty of features, H2 becomes a great choice for the riders that are new to e-bikes and are looking for a light, affordable and stylish option.


Max Speed:

~25 km/h (15.5 mph)

Pure Electric Range:

~15-25 km (9-15.5 miles)

Power Assist Range: 

~20-35 km (12-21.7 miles)

Net Weigh: 

Around 23 kg (51 lbs)

Frame Material: 

Aluminum Alloy

Rim Size: 

14 Inch

Electric Voltage: 


Motor Rated Power: 


Climbing Grade: 

15 Degree

Battery Capacity: 


Power Adapter: 

DC 42V/1.5A

Charge Time: 

4-5 Hours

Waterproof Level


Load Range: 

100 kg (220 lbs)

Folding Feature: 

Poling Folding

Front Light: 

Front LED light enable night riding

Dimensions (Unfolded): 

L 1270 x W 500 x H 1030 mm

Dimensions (Folded):

L 1270 x W 500 x H 800 mm