SmartKick X7 G2 Electric Kick Scooter with Removable Battery

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SmartKick X7 G2 E-Scooter with Removable Battery

The Gen 2 of this commuter e-scooter offers improved performance, power and torque. The best-of-all-worlds electric scooter reaches a max speed of 30 km/h (18 mph) thanks to the upgraded controller and new 350W Motor. Cruise the streets in style!

Travel up to *25 km (15 miles) per charged battery with the Gen 2 5Ah battery. Multiple batteries can be bought and charged to increase scooter range to suit your needs! A best of all words electric scooter that everyone can afford!

Max Speed 30 km/h (18.6 mph)
Max Range 25 km (15.5 mi)
Motor 350W
Battery 36V / 5Ah (180WH)
Gradeability 10 Deg
Tire Size 10 in
Charge Time approx.. 3-4 hours
Lights LED Front and Rear Lights
Battery Style Includes 1 removeable battery (extra battery is optional)
Max Load 20 - 100 kg (44 - 220 lbs)

X7 G2 Speed: Three riding speed modes to adapt to any riding situation. The SmartKick X7 Gen 2 features a max speed of 30 km* (18.6 mi).

X7 G2 Range: With a range of up to 25 km* (15.5 mi) and a removable battery option you can swap your battery and ride as long as you want.

X7 G2 Portability: The one-step folding system allows you to always be on the go and fold your device in no time. The light weight design (3 kgs - 29 lbs) makes it easy to carry around.

X7 G2 Quality & Design: This model is built with durability and reliability in mind for your short distance travel or daily commute. 

Powerful Dive Motor: The SmartKick X7 G2 has new powerful 350W motor and is a front wheel drive system motor. It can go uphill easily with 10° slope and get through almost all terrain.*

10" Inflatable Tires: Get through bumpy terrain easier with the 10-inch front and rear tube tires. Off-road? No problem!

X7 G2 Safety: The Smartkick X7 Gen 2 features an integrated bell to make this job easy, and your ride even safer.

X7 G2 Water Resistance: This scooter is built with IP54 water resistant core parts, and can withstand minor water splashes on the go. This ensures you are able to ride in light rain or at least able to lead to a safe location if weather gets unfavorable. 

Triple Braking System: Rear wheel mechanical disc brake plus front wheel regenerative electronic brake, simultaneous dual brake provides the greatest stability and steer-ability. Rear fender brake is an additional safety feature that can assist in braking by just pushing the fender down.

Other Details

Spacious Footrest/Deck: Slip-resistant surface for safety and 15cm wider platform for comfortable riding. 
Ground Clearance: With 12 cm GC off-road design, excellent versatility, allows it to adjust itself for different road conditions 
LCD Dashboard: LCD display dynamically shows speed, battery capacity & settings.
Front LED Head light: Feel comfortable riding at night or in dark conditions. Scooter lights are perfectly aligned to ensure there is enough light and also adds safety to warn people ahead of you or on coming direction. 
LED Tail Light: Rear brake tail light adds safety on the road for you and the people behind you. It flashes to warn that you are braking.