SmartKick X9 Plus Electric Kick Scooter with Removable Battery

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Meet the latest X9 Plus Electric Scooter

The newly launched X9 Plus is the latest addition to the X-Series family.

As compared to its previous model the X8, the X9 Plus has been updated in every aspect. It is equipped with removable battery (like the previous models), that can be charged in or out of the scooter - but this time with greater capacity - 560Wh. It is designed to meet the demand of the rider who is looking for faster speed, a longer range and improved climbing ability, but with the usual X-Series design and high build quality.

It is powered by high speed brushless 500W motor for a much more impressive ~40 km/h (24.8 mph) top speed and a maximum range of ~65 km (40.3 miles).

Simplified and Durable Design

This electric scooter is one of the most advanced electric scooter on the market; Tough aluminum-magnesium alloy welding, one-piece molding, stable and durable, equipped with bright LED lights that make X9 Plus Scooter a safe ride, lightweight and portable. It has a wider footboard for a more comfortable riding position, with both feet together - 18.3 cm pedal width.

Folding Automatic Lock

It has a car-level folding structure safety lock, keeps the electric scooter safe and stable. You can complete the folding of the pole with just one click.

Quadruple Brake System 

With the increase in weight and speed more stopping power is required. So the X9 Plus has been equipped quadruple braking; Front and rear disc brake, E-ABS anti-lock electric brake & rear foot brake. Double hand-grip brake system effectively shortens braking distance. Efficient braking for a quick response ensuring a safe ride.


The X9 Plus has a 10 inch wide Tubeless tires. The front and rear vacuum explosion proof tires are made of memory-jell vacuum tires. These are non slip and wear resisting tires. Also features a 14cm diameter brake disc with a 7cm thick tire with dual spring suspension, for a comfortable and stable riding experience.

Smart Battery

The X9 Plus is powered with a higher efficiency 15.6Ah lithium battery. It comes with an integrated energy recovery system that converts loss kinetic energy from deceleration into energy in the battery. This helps to increase the battery’s ability to travel further. Six smart protections keep the battery safe and extends its life. Removable and replaceable battery. Simply turn quick release screws and remove the battery to be charged internally and externally.

HD LED Dashboard

The new X9 Plus electric scooter has a smart LED display shows speed and mileage. It allows for easy gear selection and comes with cruise control. It comes with three riding modes.

Pedestrian Mode (No “D”): Slowest – ~6 mph

Standard Mode (Grey “D”): Medium – ~13 mph

Sport Mode (Red “D”): Fastest – Up to 24.8 mph


Max Speed: 

~40 km/h (24.8 mph)

Max Range: 

~65km (40.3 mi) 

Net Weigh:

 Around 20 kg (45 lbs)

Frame Material: 

Aluminum Magnesium Alloy

Tire Size: 

10 Inch

Pedal Width:


Rated Power: 


Maximum Output Power:


Climbing Grade:

25 Degree

Ground Clearance:

12 cm

Battery Capacity:


Charger Parameter:

DC 42V/2A

Charge Time:

8-9 Hours

Waterproof level


Load Range:

100 kg (220 lbs)

Front Light:

Front LED light enable night riding

Dimensions (Unfolded):

L 1100 x W 500 x H 1230 mm

Dimensions (Folded):

L 1100 x W 500 x H 540 mm